3315 101413 gs3315Relaxing can be really difficult, especially on week nights when you know that you have things to do the next day. Don't stress out about everything you have to do! Check out these ideas to learn how to have some fun and de-stress on those weeknights when you're at a loss for what to do.

Have A Game Show Night

Watching game shows can actually be surprisingly fun. It doesn't matter what show you watch, they're all game shows. You can watch classic dating game shows or go with Jeopardy! or Wheel of Fortune. Even watch a new show like Baggage. Watch on regular channels or on the Game Show Network for a fun way to kick back and relax, and maybe even learn something while testing your knowledge and game skills.

16 1113tm vector2 3507There are a lot of ways out there to triumph over those resistant shoe marks in tiled floors. Most of these floors are treated with finishes and lacquer such as polyurethane, which helps in protecting them and creates a shiny gleam. Abrasives and cleaners can dull these protective coatings, so make sure if you are cleaning show marks that you use the gentlest methods available that will remove the marks. If you own a ceramic tile floor, the following step by step guide will help you get rid of shoe marks that may mar your floor without destroying its elegance:  


Rub the shoe mark with a dry piece of cloth or a paper towel. Rub the cloth over the mark in back and forth motion. Run a clear pencil eraser gently over the shoe marks and then wipe off the residue with a damp cloth.

The choices of clothing we wear depends on the season: wool for winter and tees for summer. These distinct seasons give us an excuse to change our wardrobe a couple of times a year, but the downside is that we require more storage for off-season clothes. Depending on a person’s creativity, budget and space, there are a number of tips for storing seasonal clothing. Let’s discuss some of the best tips:

Vacuum Seal

Vacuum sealed storage is very useful as it reduces size of clothing, towels, blankets etc. It stacks them evenly together. This option keeps clothes in an air-tight and water free environment, thus reducing the chances of clothes being damaged. There are a number of vacuum seals on the market to choose from or one can opt to make their own vacuum seals by watching DIY videos.

4254-101413-gs4254The typical mom usually encounters problems related to organizing her toddler's toys. Maintaining an organized set of toys can be a daunting task, especially if your child is constantly playing with his or her toys. Try to relax because there are some practical ways how you can arrange your child's toys and maintain a well-organized room.

6359-101413-gs6359Knowing how to get rid of unpleasant basement odor and keep it smelling fresh can save you a fortune. Read on and find out how you can eliminate basement odor and maintain a fresh-smelling basement.

Top 3 Ways To Eliminate Basement Odor And Keep It Smelling Fresh

Installing A Dehumidifier

This can help a lot. A dehumidifier is a useful household appliance that is efficient in reducing the level of humidity in the air. A lot of homeowners install a dehumidifier in their basement due to health and comfort reasons. By placing a dehumidifier in your basement, it will control the level of humidity and moisture in the area.

5452-101413-gs5452Concrete floors are durable but hard to clean. Employing normal cleaning methods to tidy up a concrete floor may just do a shoddy job. Cleaning a concrete floor may be easier than you can even imagine. Learn various ways below that can help you clean your concrete floor with ease.

Clearing Dirt and Debris

In fact, this is the first and a very important step that you should start whenever you want to clean your concrete floor. You can either vacuum or sweep it, and bear in mind that both wet and dry vacuum cleaners can be effectivefor your concrete floor. In case you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, a broom can accomplish the task. 

sivuch2777-120813-timo5Yellow jackets are a very common species of wasps that like building nests in homes, especially during summer. Just like other wasps, they are very aggressive and can sting if disturbed. However, you need to get rid of them in order to protect yourself from stings. Here are some crucial tips that you can use to get rid of them:

Purchase yellow jacket killer

There are synthetic wasp nest killer formulations that are specifically tailored for killing these pests in their nest. Research studies show that one nest can hold up to 3,000 individual wasps. However, these pesticides usually contain toxic chemicals, so make sure you adhere to the stipulated application instructions to avoid contaminating food and water in your home. Also, to promote environmental wellness, you can use an organic pesticide that is made from non-toxic plant oils and other biodegradable elements. A quick look at the ingredients and an online research on the same can help you determine if the solution is organic or synthetic.

gskm-042114-091 thief crowbar-285The safety of your family and assets is a very important. Acquisition of assets requires resources and it will be improper to let the resources go down the drain due to preventable break-ins and theft. There are measures that you can take to cushion yourself from break-ins and damage to personal and family property. Below are a few ideas for keeping your home safe:

industrial-background-2-913-957Sanitation is crucial in homes as it helps to prevent various health complications, which are caused by pathogens that thrive in poorly sanitized premises. While The Maids of Cape Cod, in West Hyannis, Massachusetts, can help you with everyday home cleaning tasks, below are some important strategies that you can use to keep your home safe and devoid of viruses and bacteria:

haz chem suit frontHazardous chemicals can be fatal if kids are exposed to them. You should avoid storing these chemicals in places where children can reach them easily or simply placing them in household trash when discarding them, because children are fond of putting things in their mouths and drinking anything they find. Below are essential ideas that you may consider when storing and keeping these chemicals away from children: 

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