When it comes to maintaining a clean home in Hyannis, MA, The Maids are here to help. We are the trusted house cleaning service for residents in your neighborhood, providing thorough and healthy maid services for busy families like yours. Our teams of highly trained cleaners provide personalized housekeeping services whenever you need them, including:

Whether you’re looking for a house cleaning service to thoroughly clean your home on a regular basis or you just need extra help preparing for an event, you can count on The Maids. Our cleaning specialists are always ready to provide a clean and healthy home for you and your family. Call us today for the best house cleaning service in Cape Cod!

If You Want Cleaning Done Right - The Maids Are Here To Help

Give us a call so that we can tailor a cleaning plan that meets your needs.

A Clean Home in Hyannis

On the coast of Massachusetts, Hyannis is a beach town. With access to other popular destinations, such as Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, many people love calling this their home. It gives them the best of everything without being surrounding by so many tourists. As the village where the famous John F. Kennedy lived, it has always been seen as a playground for many prominent people.

If you are finding it difficult to remember why you love life in this coastal town, perhaps you’re not seeing enough of it. The Maids can give you the luxury of being able to explore your town more fully. We’ll take care of the cleaning so that you can participate in the activities that attract so many vacationers annually. You’ll have a clear conscience because you didn’t neglect your house cleaning; rather, you allowed us to handle it for you. With all the free time you’ll be left with, you’ll be glad you called The Maids for a helping hand.

No One Cleans like The Maids

The Maids go to all lengths to provide the best clean in your home. We’ve developed a unique 22-Step Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System that assigns specific tasks to each member of your four-person cleaning team. Each staff member has been trained to perform a particular cleaning task, ensuring each room gets cleaned top to bottom.

In addition to our cleaning process, we also are methodical in our approach to cleaning, which is to give you and your family a healthy home. To do this, we only use environmentally friendly cleaning products that are safe to use around your children and pets. We also use vacuums with a HEPA filtration system, eliminating up to 99 percent of dust, dirt and allergens in your home. When The Maids are done, you’ll have a home that was cleaned the way you would clean for your own family.

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If You Want Cleaning Done Right - The Maids Are Here To Help

Give us a call so that we can tailor a cleaning plan that meets your needs.

How the Royals Lived

Since Hyannis was once the home of former President John F. Kennedy and his famous family, it’s no wonder why it is a fascinating place to visit. Whatever the appeal was then, it seems to still exist today. Many want to peer into the lives of the Kennedy family. They can do this when they visit many of the attractions here, such as:

  • John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum – Visitors can view a thematic panorama of photos, artifacts, oral histories and archival films of the family. There is much to see and learn about the personal and private life of President Kennedy. You can do this with a visit to the museum.
  • Kennedy Compound –  This compound served as a retreat for President Kennedy during his presidency. Many enjoy driving by, taking pictures of the picturesque waterfront compound, which was once the home of John F. Kennedy and his family.
  • Kennedy Legacy Trail – A day out with the family may lead you along the Kennedy Legacy Trail. This is a self-guided walking tour of the various locations in the village that were meaningful to the Kennedy family. The tour has site markers and informational signage that will explain the history and stories of the Kennedys. The 1.6-mile long tour can be visited in any order you would like. 

The appeal of life here is evidenced by the many seaside attractions and the draw of its famous former residents. See more of what makes it such an amazing place to live by letting The Maids take care of your house.

The Best Clean in Hyannis

You may feel that no one can clean your home as well as you can. This only means that you have never allowed The Maids to clean your home. When you do, you’ll quickly learn that we offer the best clean in Cape Cod.

Enjoy your free time and let The Maids handle your housekeeping. Call us to schedule your house cleaning service today!